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Ducks in Road

Filled with old world charm, chocolate box cottages, picture perfect scenery plus some of the oldest pubs in the UK, our home here in the Cotswolds is a popular destination for holiday makers in search of untouched nature and undisturbed relaxation. But beyond the outstanding natural beauty of our landscapes and our quaint little villages, the Cotswolds is home to the many quirks and eccentricities of the local people. Here are 13 things you’ll only know if you’re from the Cotswolds!

1. Tweed is always on trend

Tweed and mustard coloured corduroy trousers are always in fashion, so there’s no need to refresh your sartorial repertoire every season. Classic pieces rule and country chic always has a place in the Cotswold wardrobe.

2. You need to set off 5 minutes earlier for traffic…

ducks in road

We don’t mean the type of traffic that you might experience in the cities. We’re talking about wandering cows or a badling of ducks who are causing country road jams. And let’s not forget those snail pace tractors that you can get stuck behind at any time of day.

3. Cars need good suspension to survive

The country roads here can be riddled with potholes, especially after a cold winter. So poor suspension city runabouts are not always a good idea. You’ll soon learn that pothole dodging is something of an art for us locals!

4. Range Rovers rule the road

range rover

In relation to point number 3, Range Rovers and other 4×4 vehicles rule the roads here in the country. Once you’ve experienced the potholes, you’ll understand why.

5. Farm animals make great pets

When you live in the Cotswolds, it’s not unusual for chickens or pigs to become much-loved family pets.

6. Everyone owns a dog


With so many great walks, the Cotswold countryside makes the perfect region for dog owners.

7. Fresh eggs come as standard

If you grew up in the Cotswolds, it’s likely that you, your neighbour or someone you know keeps chickens in the garden. So fresh, organic eggs are a part of your daily diet.

8. Life is impossible without wellies


It’s impossible to get around without a pair of wellies here so make sure you invest in a good pair!

9. Celebrities love the Cotswolds

There’s a fantastic community feel here in the Cotswolds and celebs who were born here are likely to stick around their whole lives (why wouldn’t they when our region is so beautiful?). So it’s not uncommon to be rubbing shoulders with the likes of Kate Moss, Lily Allen, Gary Barlow or Benedict Cumberbatch at the local.

10. Sundays are always for roast dinners

roast dinner

The tradition lives on here so don’t even think about ordering a pizza on a Sunday. This is the farmer’s day of rest, made for brisk morning walks followed by a tasty roast dinner (at home or at the pub) with all your friends and family.

11. The fridge is always fully stocked

Midnight supermarket sweeps are unheard of and 24 hour garages are few and far between. So having a fully stocked fridge is very important.

12. Most pubs are dog friendly

dog friendly pub

Whilst pooch-loving city dwellers often have the conundrum of finding pet friendly venues, we know that most places here allow our furry friends to tag along.

13. Always avoid the town during race week

Horse racing is a very popular in Cheltenham, Worcester, Bath and Stratford-on-Avon. Traffic is a nightmare and taxi queues can be enormous so most locals are nowhere in sight during race week.
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