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Chavenage House in Tetbury

Although many people tend to think of the Cotswolds as being a group of historic villages in southwestern England, they have nonetheless attracted a number of television and movie productions over the years. Producers have consistently chosen several locations within this region as the backdrop for their films due to the quaint architecture and unspoiled countryside that’s found here. Here are only a few of the locations where films have been produced.

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Chavenage House in Tetbury

Perhaps one of the most often visited places while on holiday in the Cotswolds is Chavenage House, which is a castle that dates to the 14th Century. This castle is also one of the most often filmed locations, having been chosen more than 27 times since 1975. A few of the more famous flicks that have been shot here include London Assurance, CBBC’S Christmas Pantomine, The Ghost of Greville Lodge and The Curious House Guest.

Broadway Tower

Broadway Tower is another landmark that’s frequently visited. Lying within the province of Worcestershire, this tower is the second highest point in the Cotswolds. Broadway Tower is built to resemble a small castle, and historically contained a beacon that was lit only on special occasions. Today, it is located on the grounds of a park that also contains other historical exhibits. Over the years, Broadway Tower has been featured in a number of television series including Interceptor, Sherlock Holmes, The Gemini Factor, and the 2001 movie Crush.


Cheltenham is one of the largest towns within the Cotswolds region, and is known for hosting several major horse racing events each year. The village of Cheltenham has also been used a number of times in filmmaking. Parts of the 1995 film Pride and Prejudice was filmed at the Cheltenham town hall. A few years later, the 1998 movie Vanity Fair featured a number of scenes that were shot in and around this village, as were scenes from 2004’s Three Foolish Things. A long-running television series in the 1970s called Butterflies was regularly shot in Cheltenham, and some of the featured locations included Montpelier, Hatherley Park and a home that was located on Bournside Road in this town.

Stanway House

Stanway House is aptly named for the town it is located in. It is an ancient manor house that also includes a beautiful fountain that spurts water an amazing 300 feet into the air. As such, this fountain is the tallest one in Britain. It was featured in an episode of the television series Jeeves and Wooster titled “The Purity of the Turf.” Stanway House has also been used in a number of film productions, including Vanity Fair, Clandestine Marriage, and The Wyvern Mysteries.

When planning visiting the cotswolds make it a point to visit some of these historic landmarks so that you can see these television and movie scene locations for yourself. You just might be surprised to discover that many of these spots indeed look familiar, although seeing them in person is far better than viewing them on a movie screen.