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View of Naunton Countryside

Welcome to the Cotswolds

14th April 2022

Buying a Holiday Home in the Cotswolds

If you are considering buying a Holiday Cottages, contact Character Cottages for a more detailed understanding of how we...

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27th February 2020

Top 5 Short Walks in the Cotswolds

We have collected together the best short walks in the Cotswolds. These are in and around 2-hours, and offer...

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22nd April 2022

A Guide To Holiday Letting Your Cotswolds Property

If you are the new owner of a holiday home, or have a second home that you want to...

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Seasonal Cleeve Hill
9 years ago

Enjoy Summer in the Cotswolds

The Cotwolds is full of amazing places for you to visit. For more information on this beautiful area on...

Cottage Owners Around Town
9 years ago

Secrets of Out of Season Lettings

Secrets of Out of Season Holiday Letting Success “We also implement a dynamic pricing system, which means that during...

Cottage Owners Cotswolds Distillery
9 years ago

Helping Second Home Owners

PR Web: Character Cottages Advises Second Home Owners on How to Support Their Local Villages (PR Web Issue) “We...