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Top 5 Short Walks in the Cotswolds

Okay, so there are signs of spring everywhere – snowbells, daffodils, cherry blossom, and even some lambs – but we admit that February’s weather has been a little unforgiving. That said, we are encouraged by bursts of blue skies and winter sunlight. We are still keen to gulp in the fresh Cotswold air, blowing away winter cobwebs and enjoying a drink by the fireside in a lovely local pub. This is why we have collected together the best short walks in the Cotswolds. These are in and around 2-hours, and offer an opportunity to shake off cabin-fever and soak up the famous Cotswold scenery, plus exercises our four-legged guests too.

Broadway Tower

Broadway Tower, North Cotswolds

The circular walk around the parkland of Broadway is only 20-minutes and from the tower – the highest ‘little castle’ in the Cotswolds – itself rewards you with the best view in the Cotswolds. There’s also the option to join the famous Cotswold Way from the Broadway Estate, to join longer loop walks. Once you’ve shaken the mud off your boots and fill your lungs with fresh air, you’ll no doubt be hungry for more.

Blossom vale of Evesham

The Garden of Britain, Evesham

The Vale of Evesham is a highly fertile valley on the fringe of the North Cotswolds. It boasts some of the richest pastoral land in the UK and is home to the UK’s only Spring Blossom Trail. Covering 40-miles between Broadway, Evesham, and Pershore, from March until May the cherry and apple blossom erupts. The display of billowy, white blossom is so impressive that this trail has gained the name of ‘the garden of Britain’. The trail is broken down into three separate trails, which can be picked up from Evesham.

The Rollright Stones

The Rollright Stones, Chipping Norton

You’ll find the Rollright Stones at the head of the Cotswold Hills in the North Cotswolds. Bag three ancient stone monuments in one walk with the Rollright Stones walk, which consists of the King’s stone, King’s Men stone circle and the Whispering Knights burial chamber. They can be walked to from Chipping Norton, less than 5-miles away, or there is limited parking in lay-bys off the A3400 to enjoy these megalithic monuments. Get your step-count in by walking around the stone circle counting the stones – legend has it that the stones are a king and his men that were petrified by a witch. Count the stones and local tale claims that you’ll get different numbers each time. Get the same number three times in a row and you will receive your heart’s desire! Wyatt’s Farm Shop and Nursery nearby is great for warming up after a lovely short walk.

The Fosse Way, Stow-in-the-Wold

If you’re looking to get some fresh air for an hour or so, don’t want to get too muddy and would like to leave the car behind, then this is a great short walk in the Cotswolds. The Fosse Way (the heart of England way) is one of the oldest routes in Britain, dating back to Roman times and stretching from Exeter to Lincoln, passing through the Cotswolds. Much of it is in the Cotswolds and can now be walked on traffic-free tracks, some of which can be enjoyed from Stow-on-the-Wold. Good for this time of year is this short walk from Stow to Broadwell.

Minster Lovell

River Windrush Walk, Minster Lovell

One of the most beautiful rivers in the Cotswolds is the River Windrush. Dotted with relaxing riverside pubs and picturesque mills, the living is slow and calm. There’s a delightful circular walk from the picturesque village of Minster Lovell through fields to the village of Crawley coming back through woodland along the River Windrush, and returning to the Old Swan in Minster Lovell.

If you’re planning on visiting the Cotswolds in May, look up the famous Winchcombe Cotswolds Walking Festival (15th May 2020 to 17th May 2020). Dursley and Tetbury also host annual walking festivals. Happy walking!