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Midweek Breaks

Take advantage of the quieter midweek slot and get great value for money

If you can't quite manage a full week away, a great option is a midweek break. There are many advantages to this midweek holiday slot, such as missing the crowds at popular attractions and avoiding the terrible Friday night traffic, but primarily the main benefit is all about price. The break will often cost less than you would expect to pay over the weekend and for this price you would get three full days, rather than the two at the weekend.

Bank Cottage and its large garden, viewed from across the fields

Another reason that midweek breaks are a great option is that there is a lot more availability as most people opt for weekend and weeklong holidays out of habit. With over 70 properties, we have a good chance of finding you the perfect place to spend time with family and friends, even for last minute bookings.

Almost all of our cottages and houses offer a standard mid-week break, allowing you to arrive at your home from home on Monday afternoon and stay up to 4 nights. Of course you still get all the other benefits of a holiday cottage including your own space to relax and unwind, as well as the convenience and flexibility that a self-catering holiday offers.

Take a look at some of our beautiful featured cottages:

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