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Beautiful Nailsworth

The Cotswolds village of Nailsworth is located in Gloucestershire, where it is situated along one of the Stroud Valleys. It is home to around 6,600 residents who are largely engaged in the milling and brewing trades. Nailsworth is a popular spot for enjoying holidays in the Cotswolds, as there are a number of attractions and things to do here.

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The history of Nailsworth dates to the 8th Century, when it was known as Negelsleag. It was fairly uninhabited until the 12th Century, when settlers from other nearby towns began meeting here. By 1663, it had grown enough to be considered two separate communities: Upper Nailsworth and Lower Nailsworth. During the 1700s, it was highly involved in cloth making, and boasted an inn and several mills. Nailsworth may have grown even more during the 18th and 19th centuries if it weren't for the fact that few roads led here. As a result, coaches rarely stopped here, making settlers more likely to pass by in favor of other nearby towns instead.

Historic Mills

On one of your holidays in the Cotswolds, be sure to stop by some of the historic mills that are still standing in the Nailsworth area. Some of these mills have been converted into flats or are now used for industrial purposes, while others are empty and remain much the same as they were during their heyday. In any case, these historic mills make excellent photographs, while also telling a bit about the area's history.

St. George's Church

Located in the center of Nailsworth, St. George's church dates back to around 1900. Made from cobblestone, this church has a magnificent arched entryway flanked by massive stone pillars that create a welcoming front. Stained glass windows dot the sides of the building, giving it a timeless charm that is in keeping with its history. Services are still held here on a regular basis, or you may simply drop in at your leisure for quiet time or prayer. One of the most anticipated events of the year is the annual carol service, which is held just prior to Christmas.

King George's Field

Nailsworth is home to a sports field that is named in honor of King George V. Their local football team, the Forest Green Rovers, play games here on a regular basis, as does another non-league team. This sports field consists of an open grassy area that is offset by a hill containing mature trees that seem to go on for as far as they eye can see. When it is not being used as a sports field, people sometimes come here to enjoy the newly built skate park, have a picnic, or even camp on the grounds. The Nailsworth Festival takes place in spring, and features local artists and musicians who come out to showcase their talents.

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