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Beautiful Painswick

Located in Gloucestershire, Painswick is often referred to as the "queen of the Cotswolds" because of the fine buildings located there. A must-see on any of your holidays in the Cotswolds, this town is rich in history and has many attractions on offer.

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Painswick has been settled as far back as 1200 B.C., and still contains structures that date to the 11th Century. It is the home of an important battle known as the Siege of Gloucester, which occurred in 1643. In fact, St. Mary's Parish Church located there still has damage from cannon fire that took place during that battle. It was a flourishing centre for wool trade in the 14th Century, which is when many of the stately homes here were built. Many holidays in the Cotswolds include walking through the streets of Painswick in order to view some of the historic churches and buildings that are reminiscent of the town's vivid history.

St. Mary's Church

This church is something you shouldn't miss on any of your holidays in the Cotswolds. It possesses a traditional lych gate, which is a roofed entry that leads to the courtyard of the church. These doors will lead you to an ancient cemetery where hundreds of the town's early settlers are buried. The cemetery is perhaps best known for its yew trees, which are said to number exactly 99. Legend has it that if a one-hundredth tree sprouts up, it will die because the devil himself will shrivel it.

Painswick Beacon

Painswick Beacon is an area that overlooks the Severn Valley as well as a number of quaint villages within the Cotswolds. The beacon is only a short walk from the nearby golf course, and it is easily accessible from the streets of Painswick as well. On one of your holidays in the Cotswolds, take time to visit this overlook and enjoy a few outdoor games, a picnic lunch, or simply take some amazing photographs of the stunning view.

Rococo Gardens

These gardens are located in a hidden valley near an old manor house, and are one of the most often visited attractions in Painswick. They date back to the 18th Century, and have a number of period structures located throughout for visual interest. It contains a number of walking areas along with a café that is perfect for grabbing a light snack or beverage. An anniversary maze was created to commemorate the garden's 250th anniversary, which is located just outside the entrance to the original garden.

Painswick is an excellent choice for those who want a quiet getaway. You'll feel as though you have truly stepped back in time, making it easy to relieve everyday stress so that you can end your holiday more focused and refreshed than ever.

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