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Days Out for Children in the Cotswolds

During the school holidays, many parents will be at a loss for ideas that will keep their children entertained. Although many children prefer the lure of video games to keep them occupied these days, there are still those who prefer to engage in various outdoor activities. In these cases, there are many opportunities for parents to engage in days out for children in the Cotswolds.

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Children's Wednesdays at Sudeley Castle
This is an ideal Cotswolds holiday venue for children who know how to put their imagination to good use. They can look forward to storytelling sessions hosted by Agent Green the Dragon Whisperer. Hosted on the Mulberry Lawn, these sessions also include the Master Class in the Care and Training of Dragons. Children from six years of age will be enthralled by these sessions which last for approximately 45 minutes. Other fun-filled activities at this venue include face painting, exciting nature and history trails and an arts and crafts tent. There is also the opportunity to dress up in period costumes in the dressing up area.
Cattle Country Adventure Park
With the UK weather often being unpredictable, a day out for children in the Cotswolds can quickly turn from excitement to disappointment. Cattle Country Adventure Park is a step ahead in that they have a variety of fun-filled indoor and outdoor activities to keep your children entertained. Children can enjoy animal encounters and a splash pool on days where the weather is better. A fantastic restaurant and gift shop are also located on the premises, so your children will be able to take home a souvenir from their day at the park. Opening hours are from 10am to 5pm during the holidays.
Head 4 Heights Adventures
Many children enjoy climbing and while this can often cause their parents to tear their hair out, Head 4 Heights Adventures based at Cotswold Water Park, offers them the perfect opportunity to climb and fall in complete safety. A range of swinging, jumping and climbing activities ranging from between 8 and 16 metres above the ground will enable your young adventurer to enjoy themselves without the risk of injury. The activities on offer here are suitable for children from the age of 5 and up.
Cotswold Farm Park
This is an ideal venue when planning days out for children during your Cotswold holiday because there is a little of something for children of almost all ages to enjoy. Here they will be able to see a range of farming demonstrations and many species of animals that they will be able to safely interact with. Children and adults alike can enjoy the Farm Safari Ride or choose from a wide selection of other outdoor and indoor activities. A café and gift shop is available which provide the perfect opportunity for visitors to satisfy their appetites and purchase take-home gifts.
There is definitely no shortage of quality entertainment where days out for children in the Cotswolds are concerned. At Character Cottages we have a wide variety of accommodation to choose from in various locations across the Cotswolds. 

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