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Music makes us feel good. The right music can relax us and familiar songs whisk us off down memory lane. Wandering around the beautiful Cotswold countryside and spending precious time with loved ones. Music is the perfect companion when cooking, working, walking, gardening, doing DIY or powering us through workouts. Here are some of our favourite, lovely playlists to fuel you through the week and weekends.


Best for working from home

The ‘Monday Motivation’ playlist on Spotify is a super mix of today’s pop songs, the likes of George Ezra and Ella Henderson, and golden oldies that you’ll instantly turn up, like Take That’s Greatest Day. Pop this playlist on and you’ll be delivered stacks of variety that is ideal for motivating you when working from home. This eclectic playlist is perfect for getting you through the week!


Music for 30 minutes relaxation

Focused breaks between working actually helps us think more clearly and aids concentration. So, if your mind is starting to wander and you’re struggling to focus, take some time out for a relaxation playlist. This is also a good idea for the end of the workday instead of drive-home music that we often enjoy as a way of switching off after a day in front of a screen. Take some time to yourself and soothe your mind with the ‘Musical therapy’ playlist on Spotify.


Pick me up tunes

‘Happy Pop Hits’ playlist on Spotify delivers 50 mood-boosting songs that are perfect for dancing in the kitchen while making banana bread or bopping in your back garden or balcony. Crank up the volume and expect re-mixes and dance tunes that will get your toe-tapping your way through an hour or so.


Get that one power walk a day

Whilst the streets and roads are quiet, we are popping our headphones on determined to zone-out for our daily power walk. And the ‘Powerwalk!’ playlist on Spotify is simply perfect. This wonderfully curated selection of power ballads and upbeat remixes will lengthen your stride and make sure you get the very most out of your one hour of fresh air a day.


Help to get to sleep

Slow, relaxing music helps power-down our minds as well as signalling to our body to slow down after a busy day. Combined with breathing - moving the breath away from the upper chest down to deep breaths in the stomach where the digestive system receives an important signal to slow down - and this marks a wonderful gear-change at the end of the day. A soothing and natural playlist acts as the tempo to reduce blood pressure, slow heart rates and slow down stress hormone production. Pop the beautiful ‘Gentle Rains’ playlist from Spotify on and you’ll be counting sheep before you know it. A refreshed night’s sleep prepares you for a positive day the following morning too.


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