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Sports in the Cotswolds

Many people like to spend time visiting the Cotswolds because of the wide variety of sports activities there are to enjoy. Sports can be enjoyed year round in the Cotswolds, and here are some of the best activities to take part in during the various seasons!

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Even though the weather is a bit cold outside, fishing is one of the sports in the Cotswolds that can still be enjoyed during the winter months. The River Wye is located along the English/Welsh border, and is an excellent place to catch chub, trout, and perch. Gloucester is also home to a number of rugby tournaments during winter. Those who are unfamiliar with how the game is played can get a quick lesson of the rules before being taken to a covered area to watch players in action!


Spring sees the arrival of the Cotswolds Olympic Games, which begin on the Friday after the Spring Break holiday. These Olympic games include a variety of sports in the Cotswolds, including running, sledgehammer throwing, sword fighting, wrestling and horseracing. Polo is another popular spring sport, and a number of matches take place at Cirencester Park in Gloucestershire. A number of horseback tours are provided in the Horseback Mountain area during April and May, and many of them also include a tour guide and gourmet picnic lunch.


A number of water sports in the Cotswolds can be enjoyed during the summer months. Wakeboarding, water skiing, tubing and swimming can all be enjoyed in one or more of the 150 natural lakes in the Cotswolds region. Beginners will even be able to take lessons from an experienced trainer at the Cotswolds Water Ski and Wakeboard School that is located near Gloucestershire. Another water park near Cirencester offers sailing, canoeing and power boats, and is also a location for triathlon training events. A number of other sporting opportunities such as zip lining, skydiving, paintball, and auto racing can all be enjoyed during the summer months as well.


Since the Cotswolds region is designated as an area of natural beauty, autumn is the perfect time to go hiking and biking here. Some of the most scenic hikes could take place along the River Wye or Fosse Way, an ancient Roman road that connects Britain from north to south. Visitors can also enjoy horseback riding in some of the smaller villages, or play a round of golf at some of the nearby courses. American football tournaments are popular during the autumn months, with leagues for everyone from adolescents to adults being held in a number of towns in the Cotswolds region.

No matter what time of the year you visit, you will find plenty of sports in the Cotswolds to keep you active and engaged. The good news is that you don't have to be a professional at any of them in order to take part. There are activities for every skill level, age, and interest, so you are sure to find one that is to your liking!

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