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Top 5 Easy Easter Bakes

Easter is the second biggest holiday celebration in many of our calendars and as with all good celebrations, Easter involves lots of indulgent homemade treats.

Here are some of our favourite recipes that you can bake at home, making sure you have ‘eggstra’-special treats throughout the day over the Easter weekend.

Classic Simnel Cake

An Easter classic! Simnel Cake is a lot like our favourite fruit and nut loaded Christmas cake, but with the important addition of eleven marzipan balls that represent the eleven apostles of Christ. This traditional Easter cake can be stored for up to one month when kept in an airtight container, so you can enjoy it for the whole holiday (if you can resist the sweet and spicy temptation to make it last - we’re not sure we can).

Hot Cross Buns

These sticky-sweet treats can be eaten at any time and have to be the ultimate Easter sweet treat. What’s more, they are super-easy to bake. A simple recipe takes about 20 minutes to make, and less than 15 minutes in the oven. The spiced smell of freshly baked hot cross buns is a lasting memory of Easter holidays.

Alternatively, you can bake these fruity dough treats in advance and pop them in the freezer until Easter. Just store the cooked hot cross buns in airtight bags (once they have fully cooled) and stash away in the freezer. Take them out to thaw a couple of hours before you want to serve them, re-heating them in the oven for about five minutes. Nigella Lawson insists on using proper bread flour, however, plain flour works as an alternative. However you bake your hot cross buns this Easter, don’t forget to finish them with a lovely sugar and water glaze, to give a mouth-watering glossy finish. We do like that Nigella makes lovely little bite-size versions of the usual supermarket-bought hot cross buns. They are simply delicious buttered and enjoyed with a cup of tea.

Rocky Road with Mini Eggs

This is your Easter showstopper and one that kids will love! A freshly baked tray stuffed with yummy rocky road or delicious brownie mixture is simply crying out to be loaded with some of Easter’s finest chocolate treats. Create a wonderful Easter centerpiece of Cadbury Cream Eggs split open to reveal the gooey sugary yolks, with a scattering of colourful eggshells from Mini Eggs and then a couple of craft chicks to finish the lovely Easter scene. This is just perfect to bring out after a traditional Easter Sunday dinner.

Easter Cupcakes

Why not dust off your piping skills with some cute Easter cupcakes. Buttercream frosting is ever so simple to make and requires only a handful of ingredients. It then provides the perfect backdrop for showing off your Easter cupcake decorating skills. Add a berry liqueur or syrup, such as lovely pink raspberry syrup, to give a lovely pastel colouring to your vanilla buttercream frosting.

Choose green colouring to create ‘grass’ and nestle a cute chocolate bunny on top. On a topping of white cupcake frosting, place some crumbly chocolate flake, broken up, to create an edible Easter nest, perfect for balancing a little chocolate egg on. Use yellow marzipan balls with orange beaks to make little chicks. Just head over to Pinterest to find an endless source of Easter cupcake decorating inspiration and have fun.

Chocolate Cornflake Nests

Take the family on a journey down memory lane with this easy Easter baking idea. Chocolate cornflake nests are such a simple recipe that has been passed on from generation to generation for years. The idea is that chocolate covered cornflakes are packed into cupcake cases and a Mini Egg placed in each chocolate nest. There’s no raw egg involved in this recipe which means that licking the bowl out is a must!

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