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Blogging Journeys: This is How the World’s Top Travel Bloggers Got Started

How The Top Travel Bloggers Got Started

Over the last 5 years the blogging world has truly taken off and for many of us, our favourite blogs are now one of our go-to news sources, while our most beloved Instagram influencers are nothing short of celebrities. The word of blogging and social media is particularly prevalent within the travel sector, and travel bloggers are now one of the greatest sources of inspiration when it comes to planning a perfect holiday.

For those with an interest in travel, the life of a travel blogger appears to be the ultimate career goal – travel the world while sharing stories of your adventures with millions of fans, what could be better?

Of course the world of travel blogging isn’t always just fun and games, it takes a lot of time, effort and dedication to get a travel blog running and build up a legion of fans, but if you think you’ve got what it takes to make it in the blogging sphere we might just have the tips you need to get started, by learning from the very best in the business.

We have dug a little deeper into how some of the world’s most popular travel bloggers got started, and we were even lucky enough to speak with some of these top bloggers first-hand to find out more about their milestones and setbacks along their journey, plus we got their top tips on what it takes to succeed as a travel blogger and social media star.

From quitting their high-flying jobs to live a budget life abroad to getting ditched at the altar and setting off to explore the world solo, have a look at these talented bloggers’ journeys to success in our graphic below.

Journey of Blogger1

Want to know more about what these top bloggers have to say? Find out more about each of their blogs below.

Keep Calm and Travel
The blog of Clelia Mattana, this insightful travel blog provides destination inspiration from around the world with a particular focus on Sardinia where Clelia was born and raised.

Read it here >

Nomadic Boys
Couple Stefan Arestis and Sebastien Chaneac are the men behind this blog which explores the world of travel from an LGBTQI+ perspective, with a particular focus on inspiring LGBTQI+ travellers to explore the world beyond the ‘pink comfort zone’.

Read it here >

This blog run by couple Alesha Bradford and Jarryd Salem, initially began as a tale of their journey from Thailand to South Africa without flying. The blog now focuses on adventure travel and sustainable tourism.

Read it here >

Not Wed or Dead
This blog from Katy Colins was initiated after she was ditched at the altar and set off to travel the world alone. Now married with a child the blog also explores family travel.

Read it here >

Adventurous Kate
Run by Kate McKulley this travel blog has a particular focus on solo female travel, charting Kate’s travel to various locations around the world.

Read it here >

Follow Me To
This newly launched blog from couple Murad and Natalia Osmann tells us more about the stories behind the couple’s iconic ‘Follow Me’ Instagram shots, which have taken the world by storm.

Read it here >

The Blonde Abroad
This blog run by Kiersten Rich provides comprehensive travel tips from all around the world helping you to plan your perfect holiday. The blog also has a particular focus on female travel adventures.

Read it here >

I Am Aileen
In this inspirational travel blog by Aileen Adalid, she aims to inspire people to travel the world and show everyone how they can achieve their travel goals no matter their background or circumstances.

Read it here >

The Planet D
The blog of married couple Dave Bouskill and Deb Corbell follows the couples travel adventures together over their 27-year relationship. The blog has a particular focus on adventure travel and the couple aim to inspire everyone to seek new adventures.

Read it here >

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